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Founded in 2010 by three of the most renowned key figures in Iran’s power sector, Mr. Mousa Refan, Mr. Amin Hadjirasooliha and Mr. Behzad Eslahchi. Tana Energy Group is active in water and power, oil and gas and rail transportation sectors. Relying on its highly qualified and experienced staff, archive, up to date documentation system, procedures and methods, implementation of creative solutions, new management approaches, Tana Energy Group is making efforts to secure its position in the Middle East energy sector as a reliable and rapidly growing entity.


Scope of Services:


To materialize its goal, “Tana Energy Group” is carrying out its activities trough subsidiary companies and partners in the following fields:


  • Civil & Infrastructure Project Management in Water & Power, Oil & Gas , Rail Transportation in (EPC)
  • Assisting in Projects Financing (F)
  • Engineering Services (E)
  • Procurement of Equipment (P)
  • Construction (Site Mobilization, Erection & Commissioning) (C)
  • Investment in Projects (I)


Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

  • Managerial, technical and executive responsibilities 1979-1990
  • Managing Director of Iran Water and Power Company (IWPC) 1990-1993
  • Acting Deputy Managing Director of Iran Power Development Company & Project Director of High Voltage Substations 1993-1997
  • Chairman of the Board “Niroo Trans Company” 1993-1998
  • Chairman of the Board “Iran Electrical Equipment Engineering Company” 1993-1998
  • Member of the Board “Farab Company” 1993-2005
  • Chairman of the Board “Farab International FZE” 1993-2007
  • Chairman of the Board “Karoon Cement Company” 1993-2000
  • Vice Minister “Ministry of Energy” 1997-1997
  • Project Director of “30 Gas turbine project” 1998-1999 Chairman and/or Board Member of Mapna International FZE, Mapna Generator Company (Pars Generator), Mapna Boiler Engineering and Manufacturing Company, Mapna Operation and Maintenance Company (O&M), Mapna Electrical and Control Engineering Company, Mavad Karan Company, Mapna Power Plant Construction Company (MD-1), Mapna Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction Company (MD-2), Neyrpars Company, Monenco Iran Company, Mapna Locomotive Company
  • Chairman And President of “Mapna Company” 1999-2009
  • Chairman of Tana Energy Management Company Since 2010
  • Advisor of the Minister of Energy 1979-1981
  • Professional expert of the Forming and Casting Group of the Ministry of Heavy Industries 1982-1983
  • Director of Water and Electrical Industries of the Ministry of Energy 1985-1989
  • Deputy Head of Industries Operation of SATKAB 1989-1998
  • Chairman and/or Member of the Board of Directors of the following Companies: Iran Transfo, Kontor Sazi-e- Iran, Alumtec, Avangan, Abfar, Niroo Cholorine, Cholorine Pars, Iran Insulator Manufacturing, Mehrabad Industrial, Iran Switch, Sapta, Pars Switch, Khuzestan Pipe Manufacturing 1993-1997
  • Advisor to the Minister of Energy in related Industries
  • Managing Director of Farab Company 2000-2009
  • Member of the Board - Farab Company 2009-2010
  • Chairman of the Board - Sangab Company 2006- 2010
  • Member of the Board - Nardis Company Since 2008
  • Chairman of the Board - Farab International Company Since 2007
  • Member of the Board Tana Energy Management Company Since 2010
  • Managing Director of Tana Energy Management Company 2010-2014
  • Member of the Board and Managing Director of Tana Energy International Engineering 2014-Now


Member Of The Board Of Directors



Member Of The Board Of Directors

Managing Director


  • Project Planning and Control Expert in Karkheh Project 1996-1997
  • Site Manager of Karkheh Power Plant - Farab 1997-2003
  • Project Manager of Karkheh Power Plant – Farab 2003-2004
  • Administrator of Shahriar Power Plant – Farab 2003-2004
  • Deputy Managing Director In Business Development Department of Farab 2004-2010
  • Administrator of Siah Bisheh Pumped Storage Power Plant - Farab 2004-2005
  • Administrator of International Projects in Farab 2006-2010
  • Managing Director of Sangab Company (The Company is responsible for the construction of a Dam and Hydro Power Plant in Tajikistan) 2006-2010
  • Chairman of the Board - Sangab Company Since 2010
  • Member of the Committee in charge of preparation of Export Promotion Document in the field of Hydro and Power Industry for the Ministry Of Energy 2008-2010
  • Managing Director of Tana Energy International Engineering 2010-2014
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Tana Energy Management Company Since 2010
  • Managing Director of Tana Energy Management Company Since 2014

TANA Energy Management Co., with the aim of contributing to the development of the country's industrial infrastructure and providing technical and engineering services to international markets, taking measures to investing in and providing design and engineering, procurement and construction services and infrastructure projects management (focusing on water, energy and railways) to public and private organizations.

TANA Energy Management Co. has established its integrated management system based on ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards, and committed itself to the following:

• Compliance with legal requirements and other related requirements
• Continual improvement in performance of the integrated management system
• Environmental protection including pollution prevention and other related commitments
• Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and diseases
• Eliminating and reducing the risks of occupational safety and health
• Consultation and participation of people in the work


In order to ensure the achievement of long-term goals, the outlines of the organization's strategies are as follows:

  • Income growth resulting from project implementation and effective cost management
  • Meeting contractual requirements and increasing employers satisfaction
  • Improvement in engineering and procurement performances
  • Increasing the presence and shares in domestic and foreign markets
  • Promoting safety and health of employees, improving environmental performance and developing social responsibilities
  • Improving the performance of project planning and control and managing debts of clients
  • Improving human resource management systems
  • Development of management systems and software infrastructure
  • Developing methods for absorbing financial resources and managing the organization's resources and assets                                          

I hereby declare my commitment towards the mentioned above in this policy and expect all the colleagues at entire levels of the organization to fully participate in the implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the integrated management system of the organization.


A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) is social responsibility. TANA ENERGY GROUP main priority is to consider its social responsibilities in business development. For this purpose TANA ENERGY GROUP is committed to maintain a healthy workplace for human resources and perform numerous efforts to protect environment.

TANA ENERGY GROUP social responsibilities are:

  • Environment and natural resources protection
  • Avoiding the harmful activities to the environment and employees
  • Providing the needs of employees, like social welfare, etc
  • Developing the culture of cooperation and partnership
  • Non-discrimination in employment
  • Commitment to moral standards and human values
  • Supporting humanitarian aids

Recognizing the importance of Health and Safety and environmental planning, TANA ENERGY GROUP making effort to prevent accidents and environmental aspects from the early stages of a project. For this purpose, TANA ENERGY GROUP has documented HSE plans and procedures. In order to effectively implement HSE plan, site workers and all contractors must be aware of the requirements mentioned in this documents. Some of them are as follows:

  • Compliance with HSE requirements and related national, regional and international regulations
  • Planning and implementation of effective training on HSE
  • hazards and the environmental aspects identification (environmental pollutants and consumption of natural resources) and risk assessment
  • Create an emergency preparedness and response plan
  • Providing personal protection equipment
  • Identification and evaluation of HSE factors
  • Perform daily and periodic monitoring and inspections